Why Work For Us?

Comprehensive Salary and Performance-Based Pay
Our competitive remuneration and benefit scheme reflect both market and peer company conditions as well as the employee’s level of skill and relevant industry experience. Furthermore, depending on the job grade and department, the individual employee’s contributions are rewarded through performance-related pay or bonuses, which are aligned to local market standards.

Medical Benefits
Employees are entitled to a comprehensive healthcare plan which covers for most of the hospitalization and medical consultation fees. Also, depending on the employee’s job level, his dependents will also be entitled with the same medical benefit.

Housing Allowance
Depending on Job Grade, Housing Allowance is also provided to employees and is given on a quarterly basis.

Transportation Allowance
For employees not covered by the company’s vehicle support plan, a transportation allowance is also included in their monthly remuneration.

Other Benefits
In some regions and work locations, the company also offers subsidized services such as food allowance, vehicle provision/vehicle support plan, employee loan program, training and development programs, and travel allowance.