Our Departments

Commercial Team
The Wefag Commercial Team ensures that the interests and needs of our consumers and customers are represented well in all our commercial endeavors, starting from strategy all the way to execution. From insight to commercialization, we make sure that our initiatives are aligned to delight the consumers and help in sharing life’s enjoyment with their loved ones.

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Sales and Customer Development
  • Trade Marketing and Merchandising
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Service

Manufacturing Team
As an ISO 22000 certified company, we take pride in ensuring high manufacturing standards in our production and supply chain operations. In order to ensure our commitment to total quality management, a seamless structure has been placed to cover all facets of our manufacturing operations – from raw material planning, procurement, manufacturing, quality and logistics, to customer service – all set up to provide the best product quality and safety to our consumers.

  • Research & Development
  • Supply Chain
  • Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Production & Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics & Warehousing

Support Team
In order to fulfill our company goals and mission, we need a strong support group to facilitate the regular operational needs of the business. Our Support Team is constantly looking industry specialists to help drive discipline and efficiency in all of Wefag’s internal operations. The Support Team is comprised of the following functions:

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting
  • Legal Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • External Relations