Current Openings

We currently have the following openings:

Job ID Job Posting Department Date Posted
SA-0001 Sales Supervisor (4) Sales 24-Mar-2016
SA-0002 Unit Managers (8) Sales 24-Mar-2016
SA-0003 Grocery Sales Rep (53) Sales 24-Mar-2016
MK-0001 Branch Managers (3) Marketing 24-Mar-2016
SC-0001 Demand Planning Engineer (1) Supply Chain 24-Mar-2016
PM-0001 Electrical Technician (1) Production & Maintenance 24-Mar-2016
FA-0001 Assistant Financial Controller (1) Finance 24-Mar-2016
SA-0004 Modern Trade Rep (2) Sales 24-Mar-2016
SC-0002 Procurement Manager (1) Supply Chain 24-Mar-2016

If you wish to apply for any of the job posting above, please send us your CV at . CV’s will be kept on record for one year from date of upload.