Kagi Sampling in KSA

Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing Company is hosting a new sampling activity for KAGI in Saudi Arabia , in Jeddah, Dammam, and Riyadh.
Sharing life’s enjoyment this is the whole aim, let us see you their ( Othaim , Panda ,Carrefour, Manuel , and LULU)


Starting 2017 with achievements – Alwefag company has finished two activities during this February

Alwefag Co. has successfully participated in The world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks in Germany, which took place between January 29th and February 1st . Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing company showcased its most important brands: Borgat Lollies , Candies, cotton candy & Dandormah Ice pop.

Alwefag booth in the ISM was a great chance for the company to meet new prospective customers and industrial leaders.


On the other hand, Borgat shared joyful moments with its customers where it went to parks and different corniche playgrounds in Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah to sample delicious free gummies during school break which was from Jan 26th to Feb 3rd. bgt2

Wefag Updates corporate Identity


Through the years, Wefag has represented innovation, great taste and flavor, and an uncompromising attention to quality. In the spirit of modernization and ushering itself to the future, Wefag has updated its logo in a fresher, more sophisticated look. Anything regarding Al-Wefag is talking about achievement and working as one team.

The new logo speaks of modernity, quality and attention to detail, all in the goal of Sharing Life’s Enjoyment..


Al-Wefag & ISM participation

Untitled-1         Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing Co. Ltd is the one of the participants in ISM | The world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks In Germany from 29.1.2017 to 1.2.2017 In conjunction with Pro Sweets Cologne, the international supplier trade fair for the sweets and snacks industry, ISM represents the entire industrial value chain.

HAWEEK launches premium wafer: Cadenza

HAWEEK launches premium wafer: Cadenza Wefag has recently launched, through its Haweek line of biscuits, a premium chocolate coated wafer called Cadenza. Discover an indulgent hazelnut flavor sandwiched between crisp layers premium wafer and real milk chocolate all in a characteristic checkered coin wafer format. Available at your nearest Hypermarket and Supermarket stores. Try now and visit us at www.haweek.com حويك

HAWEEK® just launched a new website!

The Haweek® Biscuits brand began its journey since 2014. Since, then, Haweek® has been delighting consumers with its diverse range of crackers, cakes, and wafers. And now, in 2016, Haweek® comes with a brand-new website highlighting the brand’s promise of quality, novelty, and making your life sweeter one bite at a time. Share your recipes with us, and get a chance to be featured on the website! Visit us now at www.Haweek.com 7ui7

Borgat® Lollies launches its new Very Berry flavor

As an ode to its very popular Gummy Raspberry & Blackberry range, Borgat has introduced the all-new Borgat Lollies Very Berry.

Very Berry is the one of five novelty shaped lollies that Borgat currently serves in the market, along with its iconic Hearts, Brushes, Traffic Lights, and Cola. It comes in 80-piece bulk bags and 40-piece jars format and is now available at a baqala near you. Untitled-1mm

Borgat® Sour Power is now launching an all-new range of sweet-sour licorice sweets.

Borgat®, the leading maker of sweet snacks in Saudi Arabia, is now launching an all-new range of sweet-sour licorice sweets. Sugary on the outside and tangy on the inside, Borgat® Sour Power comes in 6 amazing options: Cola Sticks 40g, Strawberry Sticks 40g,Cola Belts 15g, strawberry Belts 15g, Apple Belts 15g, sticks 75g, Spaghetti 75g, and Strawberry Belts 75g. Enjoy these five mouth-watering flavors at your nearest supermarket or grocery storesBorgat-LICORISE-SACHETS-3DUntitled-3d Untitled-3